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Converts DV tapes to DVD with DV date-time stamp, menus, chapters, transitions

Exsate VideoExpress


Converts DV tapes to DVD with DV date-time stamp, menus, chapters, transitions. The program does automatically all that you always do manually. If you want to capture your DV footage, make a professional-looking movie, burn your movie to a professional-looking DVD with menus and display the DV date-time stamp, you must love Exsate VideoExpress that will do all the jobs automatically. Converts also to: MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, ASF, WMV file formats.

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DV capture and encoding to AVI WMV on the fly. Display DV date time stamp

Exsate DV Capture Live


The most fast and easy to use program for DV capture and encoding to DivX AVI WMV in real time. The program displays the DV date time stamp, allows to capture a given timecode interval, detects scenes, captures to multiple files, automatically detects and stops at the end of the footage, operates your DV camcorder. In additional the program performs some tasks to make the capture process more comfortable for you: rewinds a tape, shutdown a PC

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