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Exsate VideoExpress 3 is a DV to DVD converter with DV date-time stamp
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Exsate VideoExpress 2 Overview

Exsate VideoExpress 3 is a DV to DVD converter with DV date-time stamp
  1. Make your DV movie professional-looking
DV Camcorder
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  1. Display the DV date/time stamp with your movie

How much time do you need to create a professional-looking movie or a digital video files archive from a standard 60 minutes DV tape? Do you need 1 hour... 2 hours... 3 hours or more? You can pay only 1 minute to do that with Exsate VideoExpress 2!

Yes! That is true! What makes possible to do such hard work in 1 minute? The answer is easy. You should not spend so much time to create a movie or a video archive because you need an only minute to setup Exsate VideoExpress. All the hard work will be automatically done by Exsate VideoExpress in a wizard mode.

Who should use Exsate VideoExpress 2?

Exsate VideoExpress 2 has a lot of useful and unique features available only in Exsate VideoExpress.

For amateurs

Exsate VideoExpress allows you to create a home movie automatically. Based on a picture detection automatic transitions insertion makes your movie professional-looking.

  • Easy and fast professional-looking home movie creation
  • Easy and fast video archives creation
  • Easy and smart DV video capture
  • Easy and smart DV video editing
  • Easy DV video export
For professionals

Exsate VideoExpress helps you to capture and recompress DV video for future use with high quality. Both scenes detection and multipass encoding are supported.

  • Easy and fast video archives creation
  • Easy and smart DV video capture
  • Easy DV video export

How does Exsate VideoExpress 2 work?

Exsate VideoExpress 2 has three modules which run automatically step by step.

DV Video Capture
DV Video Capture

Fully automatic capture process including:

  • scenes detection
  • beginning and end of a record detection
  • rewinding a tape

DV Video Editing
DV Video Editing

Manual and automatic video editing including:

  • automatic transitions insertion
  • more than 50 transitions
  • a movie length auto adjustment
  • easy manual editing

DV Video Export
DV Video Export

Automatic DV video export:

  • Display DV date/time stamp
  • supports MPEG, AVI and ASF file formats
  • multipass encoding
  • export to multiple files
  • work in background

How to try Exsate VideoExpress 2?

Just download a demo version of Exsate VideoExpress 2 from the Download area of our website.


Thousands of video amateurs, video production studios and television companies use Exsate VideoExpress every day. Highest usability, a lot of unique features make Exsate VideoExpress very popular all over the world.

Exsate VideoExpress 2 is made exactly to produce high quality video.

Only Exsate VideoExpress 2 can create a professional-looking home movie or a digital video files archive with highest possible quality easy and fast.

100% CLEAN

Softpedia guarantees that Exsate VideoExpress is 100% CLEAN, which means is does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.


This software product was tested thoroughly and was found absolutely clean, therefore it can be installed with no concern by any computer user.


Exsate VideoExpress was awarded the TOP Awards by various ratings and soft archives.


See Exsate VideoExpress awards.

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