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Exsate VideoExpress 2 Features

Why should use Exsate VideoExpress?

Exsate VideoExpress has a lot of useful and unique features that help you to save your time and to take pleasure in work with the program. The program is specially designed for DV camcorders to beat two main purposes:

1 Easy and fast creation of professional-looking home movies 2 Easy and fast creation of digital video archives on a hard or an optical disk
This makes Exsate VideoExpress useful both for video amateurs and professionals. Exsate VideoExpress 2 has three modules which run automatically step by step.

  1. DV Video Capture
  2. DV Video Editing
  3. DV Video Export

Exsate VideoExpress is able to shutdown the PC after all tasks are completed.


Exsate VideoExpress Editing
1. The Exsate VideoExpress Editing

DV Video Capture

DV Video Capture Exsate VideoExpress provides you with the easiest and fastest way to capture DV video. Useful features available in Exsate VideoExpress 1.0 made the program very popular among both professionals and amateurs. Exsate VideoExpress 2 fully inherits them:

Automatic capture - You have to do some operation to control your camcorder each time before capture. Exsate VideoExpress frees you from these. Select an automatic mode to capture:

  • from the beginning to the current position of a tape
  • from the current tape position to the end of a record
  • a whole tape from the beginning to the end
  • any given timecode interval
  • rewind a tape after a capture

Scenes detection, capture to multiple files without dropped frames - Exsate VideoExpress detects scenes and writes them to a single file or to the multiple files, every scene into a separate file. So Exsate VideoExpress detects every time you pressed "Record" button while you recorded your video to the camcorder.

Supports both DV AVI Type 1 and DV AVI Type 2 formats - Exsate VideoExpress makes you free to choose any third-party multimedia programs to process video.

Support both PAL and NTSC video systems - This means that Exsate VideoExpress is ready to work with almost any camcorder or a DV device.

Capture screen shots

Selecting a DV capture mode
1. Selecting a DV capture mode

DV capture progress indicator
2. DV capture progress indicator

DV Video Editing

DV Video Editing The Exsate VideoExpress DV Video Editing makes possible to do a lot of DV video editing work easier than ever. Exsate VideoExpress does most of editing tasks automatically and gives you all the possibilities to control this. Following editing features allow you to create professional-looking home movie and video archives:

Automatic correction of corrupted frames on a tape - after a capture you have some rough clips. These clips often contains some corrupted frames. Exsate VideoExpress automatically:

  • removes corrupted frames at the beginning of each clip
  • removes corrupted and wrong scenes

A movie total length auto adjustment - useful if you wish to create a DVD, SVCD or a VCD. You can automatically adjust a 1:30 mins DV record to a 1:20 DVD disk.

Supports more than 50 transitions - automatic transitions insertions based on:

  • optical picture detection
  • recorded date/time stamp detection
Exsate VideoExpress analyzes pictures and recorded DV date/time stamps and inserts the best transition for the moment.

Easy manual timeline editing - Exsate VideoExpress has an easy to use timeline that supports:

  • Drag and drop clips
  • Drag and drop transitions
  • 16X zoom

Moreover, the Exsate VideoExpress manual DV Video Editing consists from 2 modes:

  • The manage clips editing mode - allows you to manage a clip list and cut clips easy and fast
  • The full timeline editing mode - gives you full control on editing.

Editing screen shots

Auto editing is working
1. Auto editing is working

The Exsate VideoExpress timeline
2. The Exsate VideoExpress timeline

DV Video Export

DV Video Export

As a logical completion of the idea, Exsate VideoExpress provides you with possibility to export/recompress your video. The Exsate VideoExpress DV Video Export also works in automatic mode.

Display DV date/time stamp - Exsate VideoExpress detects recorded DV date and time stamp and imprints it on a video frame. The program can automatically display the DV date/time stamp:

  • Once a day
  • Once an hour
  • Every scene
  • Always

Automatic export/recompression to MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, DivX, Xvid, ASF formats - Exsate VideoExpress can recompress captured and edited video to MPEG1, MPEG2, DVD/SVCD/VCD compartible streams, an AVI file with any DirectShow or VfW compressor installed on your PC (DivX, Xvid, etc.) or to a Window Media ASF file (WMV).

Multipass encoding allows you to get highest possible quality of output video. Exsate VideoExpress has bult-in support for multipass encoding. (Be sure the selected video compressor supports multipass encoding before useing this feature.)

Export to multiple files allows you to create video archives. If this option has been selected Exsate VideoExpress writes every clip or a transition to a separate output file. You can save all output files on an optical disk and use for video editing later.

Work in background - Exsate VideoExpress allows you to select export process priority. Set the priority to Low to let Exsate VideoExpress work in background.

How to try Exsate VideoExpress 2?

Just download a demo version of Exsate VideoExpress 2 from the Download area of our website.

Export screen shots

Setup the DV Video Export
1. Setup the DV Video Export

The export process priority
2. The export process priority

Show recorded DV date and time stamp
3. Display recorded DV date and time stamp

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