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DV Video Editing

Edit DV video with Exsate VideoExpress

The Exsate VideoExpress DV Video Editing makes possible to do a lot of DV video editing work easier than ever. Exsate VideoExpress does most of editing tasks automatically and gives you full possibility to control this.

Exsate VideoExpress provides two ways to edit DV video:

Automatic editing

As a logical completion of a wizard idea, you have to setup the Exsate VideoExpress automatic editing service first and Exsate VideoExpress will edit your video in accordance with your settings then.

To get the "Editing setup" page you have to do the following:

  1. Run Exsate VideoExpress and open a new project or select an existing project from the list.

    Open a project

    Click the Next button.

  2. Make sure the "Edit captured video" option is selected.

    DV Editing

    Click the Next button.

You have gotten the "Editing setup" page.

The Editing setup page

Exsate VideoExpress provides you two base features of automatic edition:

Automatic correction of corrupted frames on a tape.

After a capture you have some rough clips. These clips often contain some corrupted frames. Exsate VideoExpress automatically:

  • removes corrupted frames at the beginning of each clip
    DV editing. Cut
  • removes corrupted and wrong scenes
    DV editing. Remove

Automatic timeline construction

Exsate VideoExpress can automatically build a timeline from a project clips list. Moreover, the program provides you possibility to automatically resize clips to let a timeline fit a given total time. You can easy resize a 90 minutes DV tape to an 80 minutes DVD disk in few seconds.

Resize the timeline

The next feature which makes Exsate VideoExpress so useful is the automatic transitions insertion based on optical picture and recorded date/time stamp detection. Exsate VideoExpress analyzes pictures and recorded DV date/time stamps and inserts the best transition for the moment.

Insert transitions

Manual editing

As well as automatic editing Exsate VideoExpress provides you possibility to manually edit your video. There are two manual editing modes in Exsate VideoExpress:

Manage the clips list

To activate this mode you have to select an appropriate option on the "Editing setup" page.

Manage the clips list

You will see the following page after processing will be started.

Manage the clips list page

On this page you can reorder, add, delete, resize project clips etc. This list will be used by Exsate VideoExpress to construct the timeline.

The project timeline editing

To activate the manual timeline editing you have to select the appropriate option on the "Editing setup" page too.

Edit the timeline

You will be able to edit after the program will construct the timeline. The following page will be shown:

Edit the timeline

The timeline video editing service provides you:

  • Easy editing
  • More than 50 transitions
  • Drag and drop clips on the timeline
  • Drag and drop clips from the project list or Windows Explorer
  • Drag and drop transitions
  • 16x zoom

Enjoy now with Exsate VideoExpress!


DV editing software

This article describes automatic and manual video editing features in Exsate VideoExpress.

However, the full power of Exsate VideoExpress 2 you can get in combination with: Both features are built-in in Exsate VideoExpress and runs step-by-step in a wizard mode.
Editing features

Manual and automatic video editing including:

  • Automatic correction of corrupted frames on a tape
  • A movie total length auto adjustment
  • More than 50 transitions
  • Easy manual timeline editing


Exsate VideoExpress is specially designed for DV camcorders to beat two main purposes:

However, the flexible and smart interface of Exsate VideoExpress gives you the full possibility to satisfy your own needs.

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